Beyond Academics

  1. Beyond Activity

To nurture creativity in children, the school organizes fairly wide range of activities and parents are requested to encourage their children to participate in all such activities like Music, Dance, Art and Craft, Dramatics, Paintings, Quiz Programmes, Sciences Club, Elocution, Extempore, Literary Club, Debates, Workshops, Exhibitions, Social Service League, Picnics, visits to Historical Places and Academic Interest and Regular Field Trips.

Various activities are regularly held to amplify the child entirely e.g. fancy Dance Competitions, Drawing and Painting, competitions, recitation Contests, Cultural & variety programs, P.T. display and Drills planting of Trees, Nature Care.

For recreation, we regularly organize puppet shows, Magic shows, Nature visits to the local parks, Plant Nurseries, Botanical Garden, Educational Visits to Museum, Zoo, Garden, Planetarium etc.

All these imaginative plays and creative developments enable the children to experience great joy and satisfaction, express their feelings, develop language, learn social skills, interpret their knowledge and understand the world, learn skills and concepts related to shape, size, color, texture, shape handling etc.

The school celebrates almost all the National and Religious festivals like Diwali, Holi, Independence Day thereby educating the students on our rich culture.

  1. Art & Craft
  2. Dance & Music
  3. Tour & Excursion

Sometimes seeing our children in a fresh, new way is the first step to changing old and ineffective ways of relating to them.

We would our children into the strong individual by arranging tours and excursions time to time. In this way, we provide them a platform to bloom and flourish, initiate, venture and dare into unknown horizons and conquer. Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Fun Goa (Jaipur), Sariska (Alwar), Bhangarh (Alwar) and much more are the places where our school arranges a tour for all the students every year.

  1. Sports
  2. List of Activities
Date Day Activity Students who participated
15.04.2016 Foundation Day
20.04.2016 Earth Day Poster Making
27.04.2016 Mother’s Day Card Making V to X
11.07.2016 World Population Day Elocution VII to X
15.07.2016 Hindi Recitation III to X
27.07.2016 Friendship Day Card Making VII to X
29.07.2016 Hindi Writing III to V
10.08.2016 Collage on Independence Day VI to X
15.08.2016 Independence Day Nursery to X
17.08.2016 Raksha Bandhan Rakhi Making III to VI
26.08.2016 English Writing III to V
05.09.2016 Teacher’s Day III to X
07 & 08.09.2016 World Literacy Day Chart Making & Assembly talk Slogan writing VI to X
14.09.2016 Hindi Diwas Essay writing on importance of Hindi VI – VII
30.09.2016 Essay writing on Mahatma Gandhi III to VI
05.10.2016 Gandhi Jayanti Debate VI to X
07.10.2016 Dussehra Celebration III to X
14.102.2016 Hindi Writing Competition III to V
26.10.2016 Paper Rangoli
Diya or Candle Decoration
VII to X
18.11.2016 Story Telling workshop III to V
30.11.2016 Pot Decoration IX & X
03.12.2016 World Handicapped Day Assembly Talk IX – X
07.12.2016 Human Rights Day Quiz X
10.12.2016 Human Rights Day Assembly Talk X
16.12.2016 Spelling Contest (English) III to V
17.12.2016 Short skit based on Moral Stories III to V
24.12.2016 Christmas Day Celebration III to X
28.12.2016 Gift Wrapping Activity VI to X
30.12.2016 Cartoon Character III to VI
10.01.2017 Bal Mela III to X
11.01.2017 Debatein Hindi VI to X
12.01.2017 Makar Sankranti Kite Making III to V
13.01.2017 Makar Sankranti Kite flying V to X
25.01.2017 Republic Day Poster Making
(Freedom Fighters)
III to X
27.01.2017 Wall Hanging Making III to VII
08.02.2017 Quiz (History) VI to X
10.02.2017 National Science Day Science Exhibition III to X