Sneh Public School is solemn with the development of all round personality of a child. Here students are prepared for active and independent learning in an environment which fosters a spirit of inquiry and keeps competition spirit. Best infrastructure is the key to successful administration and enterprising.

Learning by doing is the key factor for comprehensive psychological and intellectual development. The school has multiple labs to assist students to gain complete practical knowledge of respective subjects.
Biology Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Computer Lab, A Language Lab, Maths Lab, Psycho Lab. All labs are superbly spacious, well equipped with latest features of learning.
A school without Library is just like a body without a soul. The school has well lit, superb spacious library with huge collection of books. By exposing children to books from a very tender age we instill stays with them.
Music Room:
The school has a music room where students are trained to play Vario.
Dance Hall:
Students innate talents are exhibited here by various dance forms.
Audio Visual Room:
The school has well furnished huge Audio Visual Room with the latest apparatus.
Activity Room:
A student’s life is not just about academics, exams, grades, and ranks. It’s beyond shot. To bring out a sense of responsibility, sharing, working with perfect coordination, team spirit the school organizes many activities & for that, we have an activity room. It helps the child to groom on another level.
Meditation Room:
To develop purity, patience & positivity meditation room serves the best.
In this series, the school has one large seminar hall, cafeteria, and assembly ground which serve the child for shaping his / her career.
Playground: the school has a vast playground where an array of games is played. The school has provisional for separate Judo, Karate. The school organizes the sports meet every year which receives huge participation & is a time for pushing the limits and going beyond the expected.
Out students also take part in CBSE National, Zonal and Cluster level tournaments.